We’re partnering with the Alliance, who have planned a Road Trip experience to visit innovative projects and companies throughout Salt Lake City. The program begins on Thursday, October 12th at 1:30 pm and will wrap up by 2 pm Friday, October 13. 

An overview of the agenda includes…

Visits with Woodside Home’s Sky Ranch community where we’ll get an inside look at: 

  • The company's Zero Energy Ready journey

  • Woodside's Healthy Homes initiative

  • The Utah division's path to get to Zero Energy Ready

A visit with Ivory Homes + Ivory Innovation where we’ll dig into innovation in 3 key areas.

  • Overcoming barriers. They'll discuss some of the problems they're facing now and how those hurdles keep innovation from fully penetrating the market.

  • Driving change at the state level. Learn how Ivory and others are helping drive changes to code throughout Utah, including their efforts to help develop a statewide modular code.

  • Achieving attainability + affordability. Ivory will discuss a new design approach that's helping them bring density back to townhomes. They'll also talk about their approach to Holbrook Farms, a community that will deliver 1500 units over the next 2-3 years at 60-80% AMI.

Daybreak Communities in South Jordan, a network of six unique villages and a model for walkable, sustainable suburbs of the future. Here they are allowed to build housing at any density the market can support. The folks at Larry H. Miller Real Estate will share their broader approach to sustainability and livability and how they've made their extensive water conservation program even more robust over the last few years -- saving an estimated 42 million gallons in 2022.

BAMCORE'S CARBON-NEGATIVE FRAMING IN ACTION. BamCore is working with a local builder to demonstrate their zero carbon footprint structural framing system in the Salt Lake area. Learn more about their patent-pending Load Optimized Biogenic Industrialized Construction (LOBIC) technology that delivers a high-performance, eco-friendly shell - both stronger and faster.

And more! The program also includes many opportunities to network over lunch, happy hour + on the shuttle. 

Visit the Alliance site for the full agenda. Space is limited. Register now.

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