*At checkout, apply "MEMBER2021" for the member in person discount rate or "INPERSON2021" for the general attendee in person discount rate.

COVID Disclaimer

As of now, the state of Colorado is allowing a maximum of 500 people or 100% capacity for indoor events to maintain appropriate social distancing. That means we are currently selling 500 in-person tickets, or the equivalent number of tickets to reach 100% capacity, for the 2021 High Performance Home Summit. We are closely monitoring the situation in Denver, and there may be potential for more than 500 people, or 100% capacity, in-person tickets to be sold if regulations change. In order to support and maintain the in-person Summit, we need to sell all 500 in-person tickets, or the equivalent number of tickets to reach 100% capacity, to make it work. If you are excited about meeting again in person and are looking forward to attending the 2021 in-person Summit, please purchase your ticket now as we are selling them on a first come first serve basis! If restrictions change and we are unable to have the Summit in-person, attendees who purchased in-person tickets will be converted and credited to the online Summit price. If you are not comfortable attending the Summit in person, please sign up for the online Summit.

Attendee Cancellation Policy

All cancellation/refund requests must be received in writing to the EEBA office on or before August 31, 2021. A cancellation fee of $150 will apply to EACH canceled registration. However, you may transfer your registration to another individual if you submit that individual's contact information in writing to the EEBA office prior to August 31, 2021.  No refunds will be issued after August 31, 2021.

Membership Benefits

  • Discounted Admission to the 2021 Summit
  • Discounts on EEBA Online Courses
  • Our EEBA Webinar Series
  • Eligible to apply for EEBA Designations
  • Discounts on in-person education events
  • Subscription to the EEBA newsletter and blogs
  • Access to the EEBA Member Community
  • Ability to display the EEBA Member Badge